Downtown I.C. Sidewalk Sales this weekend

Throw on your walking shoes, grab some friends and enjoy this beautiful weekend by heading down to the largest sidewalk sale in Downtown I.C. this weekend! Sure to be lots of amazing deals and plenty of smiling faces. For more information go here –

Also check out the great yard signs posted around town that we printed for this event for Downtown Iowa City District.

IMG_5635webPhoto by Hospers



Printer’s Lingo

I remember one of my first projects I did for a client. It was designed beautifully, everything was approved and it was ready to go to print. I confidently and excitingly walked into a print shop with files in hand, but as I began to talk with the Customer Service Rep I quickly felt way over my head. She was questioning me about what needed to be done to my project and using terminology I did not understand.

With technology today it has never been easier for people to create their own artwork at home and we see a lot of that come into our shop. I do however notice that when I use the same terminology that was once used on me I now see customer’s eyes glaze over with the same confusion I once had.

So here is a list of general terms you may be asked while at your local print shop depending on your project…

“4up”, “2up” or “1up” – The amount of times the artwork can fit on a single sheet of paper.

“Bleed” or “Cut to Bleed” – it means having the color of the artwork go right to the end of the page (you need to have your artwork setup specifically for this).

“Double Sided” – to print on both sides of the paper.

“Z Fold” – Folding the paper in a Zig-Zag

“Drilling” – Drilling holes for things like a three ring binder.

“Creasing” – Making a small line to allow easier folding.

“Padding” – Using a special chemical to adhere a stack of pages together to make things such as scratch pads.

“Plates” – Film used for offset printing.

“Cut Lines” – Marks used to determine where the product will be cut at to make a certain size or bleed.

“Vector Art/Image” – This is a type of file made to never loose quality when re-sized (Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw are to major programs that make this type of file.).

I hope you find this to be helpful!