Digital vs. Offset Printing

Your design is finished, approved and you’re ready to print. Now you have to decide how you want it printed. Most people now-a-day naturally assume they will just go to the local print shop and have them do it digitally, but wait, what if going with Offset is the better choice? How do you know?

A few things to look at is quantity, turn-around, colors and stock as all of these play a major factor in price. Next time you’re getting ready to print your next job it can’t hurt to ask for an Offset quote. But be ready to share those things mentioned above.


Here are a few reasons why you may want to choose Digital printing –

– Digital printing is extremely fast

– Initial setup is cost effective

– It is cheaper for low volume projects

– Consistent output (what you see as a proof is what the entire run will look like)


Here are a few reasons why you may want to choose Offset printing –

– The larger the quantity the cheaper the price per piece

– A larger variety of paper types to choose from

– Custom inks are available

– Highest possible printing quality with extreme detail and color fidelity

Ok, so now I will give you a general scenario….

Let’s say I have a letterhead job that I need to have printed, with no time limit. It is 2 color (black/red), single sided and I need 1,000 of them.

Digitally printed – (it has red, so it will automatically be charged as a color print) for 1,000 the total would be roughly around the $400 range.

Offset printed – 2 color, ink charges, plate charges and paper cost for 1,000 the total would be around the $300 range.

The obvious choice would be Offset! You’d save $100 bucks!

But what would happen if I only needed 250 prints? Digitally that would cost around $100. Offset you’re looking at about $200. So as you can see the cost drastically changes just by quantity. In the end it just doesn’t hurt to get a quote for both. If you have a project you need a professional printer for feel free to contact us for a quote at


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